Newstar - The brand that started the company. Newstar is the main brand of KinmoPW Corporation, and
is known for its power solutions. From switching power supplies to transformers, this
brand has made a name in the Philippines' electronics industry.
Power Management

Converts unconventional voltages into a standard voltage. (Locally, the standard voltage is 220V.)

Switching Power Supplies
Power adapters that can be switched to various voltages, depending on which is required.

Regulates the voltage of power supplies. Keeps your appliances and devices safe from power surges.

Power Strips

AC & DC Converters

AC & DC Adaptors


Plug Adaptors

Power on Delay

Home Improvement

Door Bells

FM Modulators


Telephone Accessories

Television Accessories
Remote Controls

TV Remotes

Aircon Remotes

Smart Learning Remotes

Universal Remotes

Consumer Batteries

Lead-acid Batteries

Battery Chargers

Battery Adapters

Analog / Digital Testers

AC Voltage Testers

Battery Testers

Test Probes

Soldering Tools

Mini Drills

Money Verifiers

Distance Meter